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Even they themselves refused to do it.

I heard you crashed Margie's party.

Jeannette often leaves the lights on all night.

I don't think these ink stains will come off.

I thought you knew I was just kidding.

Douglas wants to say yes, but he can't.

We cannot depend on this report.

Naren put on his shirt inside out.

I say this every day.


They steal stuff.

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He loves animals a lot.


I'll come with him.

The bread is old.

Let's talk turkey!

She spread a cloth over the table.

Where are Brandon's keys?


She quit the company.


I'll try to find her.

Sherri says he has nothing to do.

The show will be a great feature of tonight's program.

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An ambassador is an honest man sent to lie abroad for the good of his country.


I can't explain any of it.

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Stanly just came out of his coma.

You all look so busy.

Vadim might run.

I wasn't yelling.

I don't like her in there.


The goats are in the pen.


I should get Floria home.

If I want to master a foreign language, I must study as much as possible.

Joubert is a Peeping Loren.

We lamented his death.

Shove a stick up your ass.


I don't know what I believe.

Patricio isn't going to listen to us.

You're the strong one.

"If they're mantises," Al-Sayib conjectured. "Then, yes."

I got acquainted with him last night.

He failed, due to lack of money.

There's a mistake in the third last line.

I respect you, Laurent.

I was killed by a too powerful word! - said the poet.


I helped them.

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My brother likes to wash his car on the weekend.

A third of the prisoners have escaped.

Hang on till I get to you.


I've studied French since I was thirteen.

It's a pity you destroyed everything.

I'm used to being laughed at.

If I hadn't remembered, I would have forgotten.

The electricity is off at the moment.

Which is better, red thread or white thread?

Sergei has been living in Boston for many years.

How long can Sid stay here?

I'll be there on the fifth of June.

Let's hope we can stay alive until the rescue team finds us.

Jill told me he didn't recognize Ping the last time he saw her.

We're going to the pool.

I'm sure I'll pass the test.


What part is wrong?


Leaning on his bone-tipped spear for support, Darci rises to his feet.

Irfan has permission to use my bicycle.

Francisco and Kari are the only survivors.

I'm going to have dinner with him tomorrow night, so I'll feel him out then.

Give them the keys.

Cliff got into his car and slammed the door.

Herb showed me around Boston.

I watched him leave.

He didn't come to school yesterday.


Jill slept through the whole thing.

Frederick ate out.

She asked how his father was.

Where did Jennifer learn that?

Generally, who visits their parents more, sons or daughters?

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Has Rafik been fighting with Malaclypse?


Who gave this to her?

Rakhal is resigning.

Owing to bad weather, I didn't go.


I don't know where my French textbook is.


Dirk takes after his father in a lot of ways.

Put the gun down and move away from the desk.

I fall asleep in the class every now and then.


Humanity died this morning.


We meet here once a week.


Whose money is this?


Don't talk about him like that.


He's a good bloke.

He filled the bucket with water.

It's understood that we'll start tomorrow.

I'll stop him.

His decision to retire surprised all of us.


This is between me and her.


I made several calls to Mr Yamada's residence, but no one answered the calls.


He said no, he was busy.

A good poker player can tell when someone's bluffing.

Romain doesn't seem to like anything.


I used to eat pizza, but now I don't eat it at all.


Is that seat available?

How did it go with Moore last night?

I was just on my way.


If you bite me, then I'll bite you, too.

She came with good news.

Those goods are on approval.

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What's on the schedule for today?

Some ideals are worth dying for, aren't they, Kent?

It is psychologically difficult for her to say no.

I have to understand the meaning of this sentence.

I'm going to keep my distance from her for a while.

After Isidore dumped Shari, she started seeing John.

I don't know what Elijah is looking for.

I whispered to him to come in.

Put that in writing.

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I would like you to assist me with my gardening.


Vectors need not correspond to a physical quantity; anything can be a vector space as long as vector addition and scalar multiplication is defined.

The children trampled on the grass and the guard scolded them.

Keep working at it.


I'm not the one who hurt them.

He wrote the score of the opera.

He walked slowly so the child could follow.

Here's a copy.

Tell him I'm coming over.

You can never go back.

Jitendra has many things to do today.

Naomi made light of a difficult situation.

The prime means of communication for cats is body language.

I love all of my classes.

Can you believe that October is almost over?

The farrier fitted the shoe to the horse's hoof while the shoe was hot.

I owe my success to him.

I'm writing an article for the school newspaper.

The severe housing shortage is partly to blame for the inflated rents.


He used to eat out every day, but now he can't afford it.

Let's ask her when she gets back home.

Tell me about your wife.

You made a terrible mistake.

We were up all night talking.


The boy stuck money in his pocket.

I admit I was surprised.

Your visit has cheered him.

I put you down as a reference.

At eight o'clock I will be ready for work.


The long war came to an end at last.

I'll try to be more like them.

His eyes caught hers.


I don't care how we get there.

I'm sorry we couldn't get you a seat on first class.

I am currently looking for a job. I don't have much experience.

Japan is in Asia.

I prefer going out to staying home.

I didn't just make the plan, I carried it out.

Where would you like to work?

Those consequences are no concern of mine.

Vilhelm has trouble thinking on his feet.

The teacher is very bad, but he is very crazy.

A mine is where you find precious minerals.


Well, shall we call it a day?


How do I fix that?